Low Voltage

In addition to our commercial, industrial and residential crews, we provide a wide range of low voltage electrical service installations including Voice, Data, Nurse Call Systems, Security Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Camera Systems, Control Systems Audio/Video systems and Fiber-Optic. We are particularly useful in design, consultation, coordination and cost containment, where our experience and knowledge are often the factors that keep a project on track and on budget.

We are a full-service design and installation firm for all levels of voice and data communication and our high-speed voice/data networks are fast and solid. With our quality installation protocols, we are regularly able to install, test and certify even Cat6 networks at gigaspeed. We install certified fiber optic networks throughout Oregon, splicing, terminating and certifying using our own in-house specialists and equipment.

As the dominant installer of card-access, biometric, IR, motion and video surveillance security systems in the region we regularly provide these installations for various clients including the Veterans Administration, US Department of Justice, Jackson County and the US Department of Fish & Wildlife.
With 40 years of fire alarm installations in private and public structures, we can carefully select top quality systems and top quality subcontractors. As the major regional supplier and installer of complex audio-video systems we regularly design, supply and install these systems, together with Public Address and White Noise systems in government and private facilities throughout the region.

Emergency Power.

Our extensive experience with hospital emergency systems makes Precision Electric an excellent choice as the installer and integrator of these systems. In data-critical applications where generator and UPS backup for IT/voice networks, as well as critical HVAC, emergency lighting and egress support is essential, our level of expertise is required for these emergency electrical systems.

Energy Management.

A great number of the photometric/daylight harvesting/energy management systems install in the region have been installed by Precision Electric. We have installed these systems in a number of LEED certified schools, hospitals, corporate and public buildings.